The Un-Luckiest Lucky I Know

In the course of 24 hours, Lucky Whitehead had a warrant issued for his arrest and was released by the Dallas Cowboys, after it was revealed that he was arrested for shoplifting from a Virginia area convenience store and neglected to make his court appearance. However, reps for Whitehead maintain that Lucky was not arrested. In fact, it’s a huge mix-up.

Records from Prince William County Police Dept. show Rodney Darnell Whitehead, Jr., Lucky’s real name,  was arrested. Court records show his name and birth-date. However, Whitehead’s agent says his client did not fly into Virginia until 6 hours after the reported time of arrest. Now, with Whitehead proclaiming his innocence, officers went back and reviewed surveillance footage from the convenience store and have determined Whitehead wasn’t the suspect at all.

The man who was arrested did not have identification on him. He told authorities that his name was Lucky Whitehead and gave them Lucky’s birthday and social security number. When cops ran the information through their system, the photo that came up matched the only “Lucky Whitehead” they had on file. It’s safe to say this person has been impersonating Lucky for a while.

Following the internal investigation, the case against the real Lucky Whitehead has been dropped. The Prince William County Police Dept. has since issued a statement and apology. Now, it’s only right the Dallas Cowboys reinstate him.

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