Lil Baby Calls Himself The Lil Wayne Of His Rap Generation

BET Hip Hop Awards 2020

Photo: Getty Images

Is Lil Baby the Lil Wayne of his rap generation? According to the 'Quality Control' rapper, that's the way it is.

On Wednesday (July 21), EST Gee dropped his new track '5500 Degrees,' which features a verse from Lil Baby. On his verse, Lil Baby declares himself the "Wayne of this new generation" and says he's "cut from a different cloth" than others. Here are the full lyrics:

“I’m going too crazy, I’m the Wayne of this new generation,” he raps. “N—s fugazi, they can’t f—k with us no type of ways, these n—s too lazy/I’m cut from a different type of cloth, I don’t know who raised ’em/Every time I pop out all the women screaming, ‘Woo, baby.'”

This isn't the first time Lil Baby has compared himself to Lil Wayne, either. Back in November, the 26-year-old artist explained why he takes inspiration from his predecessor. “I always feel like Wayne did what he wanted to do, in a sense,” he said. “And the reason I feel like he could do whatever he wanted to do was because he put the numbers up behind him. So that’s the way I’m kind of rocking. I’m gonna rock out how I wanna rock out, as long as I put the numbers up.”

Lil Baby's numbers don't lie, either—he already received three Grammy nominations, as well as garnering the same number of Hot 100 hits as Prince and Paul McCartney.

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