#TrendingTopics - Is Drake Wrecking Homes - The Weeknd, Never Again Grammys

Is Drake A Home Wrecker?

So is Drake a home wrecker? Well according to singer Naomi Sharon’s former fiancé, she did more than just record with Drake.

Word is that he flew Sharon and her partner out to work on his Certified Lover Boy album, but at some point, there was an affair that led to the engagement being broken off.

Ice Cube’s BIG3 set to return in July

Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league is set to return this summer. Cube posted the eight-week regular season, which will be followed by one week of playoffs and a championship game slated for Sept. 4.

The season kicks off Saturday, July 10th in Las Vegas and CBS will broadcast most of their games.

The Weeknd… Never Again Grammys!

Regardless of the fact that the Recording Academy is trying to show improvements with their latest rule change and even eliminating a secret nomination committee. The Weeknd told Variety, (quote) “I remain uninterested in being a part of the Grammys, especially with their own admission of corruption for all these decades. I will not be submitting in the future.”

The Recording Academy failed to nominate The Weeknd despite the After Hours album being one of the biggest of the year.