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BEYONCE: Celebrates Lemonade's Five Year Anniversary

Beyonce is celebrating five years of Lemonade this month.

Queen Bey posted on the ‘Gram. “I'm grateful that this body of work resonated so deeply with so many people… She encourages everyone to continue healing, loving, forgiving and uplifting

BLUEFACE: Here's The Deal With Blue Girls Club

Blueface went viral over the weekend when footage circulated on social media showing him telling the women living in his house to get tattooed or get out.

The ultimatum is tied to a reality show Blue is currently filming, Blue Girls Club. Some called it misogynistic while others wondered if he was running a cult.

Yesterday he explained what the show is all about. “For those who are curious my show is a 3-week series. I move women in from all over the U.S., fly them out to Cali put them under one roof. I own 2 homes. I don’t stay there. I take care of all their financial needs while they are here. I promote their brands, etc. We film all day tune in… We don’t tolerate any sexual conduct between men and women so the women do tend to grow interest in each other because of this. But they are adults at the end of the day -- it’s only so much I can control so what they do with each other is a part of the show. Subscribe right now to see more.”

Blueface charges $40 a month to subscribe to the Blue Girls Club OnlyFans page.

Sounds like a bunch of adults who are choosing to be part of this. If you don't like it, don't watch.

LIL BABY: Middle School Prom King

Lil Baby recently proved that his popularity is nothing new.

He posted a throwback pic to Instagram Stories showing off the time he was named “Mr. 6th Grade” at Brown Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia.