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Biz Markie is more than just friends with the natural soda brand Zevia. 

According to the business magazine "Fast Company," as spokesman for the brand, Biz Markie is lending his face to a limited edition set of cans for Zevia's cherry cola flavor. 

The cans for the Stevia-sweetened brand were unveiled over the weekend at the Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim, California.  Zevia's CEO Paddy Spence explains that the 1970s-style design of the cherry soda cans featuring Biz Markie are meant to evoke "the nostalgia of soda."     

As part of Biz Markie's campaign with Zevia, he's asking fans to submit videos of themselves singing about Zevia for the new "Flavor Jam Songwriting Contest."  The contest ends on March 27th.  For more information check out