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The estate of the late Notorious B.I.G. is taking action to make sure they won't be sued for copyright infringement.  They're trying to protect Biggie's song "The What" from his 1994 album Ready to Die.

According to "The Hollywood Reporter," the estate has filed a preemptive lawsuit in California federal court asking for a judge to rule that the song doesn't infringe on the rights to the song "Can't Say Enough About Mom" by Leroy Hutson. 

While Biggie's estate admits that the rapper sampled the track, they contend that he only used "two tones," which were subsequently altered.  Biggie's backers are also accusing Hutson of threatening legal action without actual knowledge that the rapper infringed on his copyright.  

The lawsuit follows 18-months of negotiations between Biggie's estate and Hutson over the song.  Apparently, the talks broke down after Hutson's camp tried to halt the payment of royalties from the song.  

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