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The numbers keep getting bigger and bigger for Beyonce's latest self-titled, sneak-attack album. 

According to "Billboard," the iTunes-exclusive album has now sold more than 828,000 copies worldwide within its first three days of release.  The majority of those copies - 617,000 - came from U.S. sales alone.  That number is breaking U.S. iTunes records, making "Beyonce" the fastest-selling album in its history. 

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The previous record was held by Taylor Swift's Red, which sold 465,000 copies on iTunes within its first full week out.  Beyonce's album topped Taylor's with only three days under its belt. 

"Billboard" adds that iTunes will remain the exclusive retailer for Beyonce's album until December 20th, when most stores are expected to receive the physical copies. 

Given the unique, promotion-free rollout of the album, an official single has yet to be announced.  Sources says the tracks "Blow," "Drunk in Love," featuring Jay-Z and "XO," are among the singles that will hit radio in the weeks and months to come.