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Justin Bieber is enlisting Lil Wayne to bolster his recently released collection of Journals. The two team up for the new track "Backpack."  

The song finds The Biebs speaking to an alien, voiced by Lil Wayne, who has found a home inside Bieber's backpack.

"Backpack" as well as the full collection of Journals hit iTunes on Monday.  "Beliebers" have already had a taste of what most of the album holds.  Ten of the tracks were released over the course of ten weeks as part of Bieber's "Music Mondays." 

Journals also contains five new tracks, one of which is "Backpack."  Following the release of Journals, Bieber took to Twitter, writing that "this music is everything to me."  He added that he's "happy to have it all out to [you]." 

Check out "Backpack" below!

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