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Wale has made a splash on Revolt TV, he's the first artist to debut a personal documentary on the network.

The documentary, Wale: I Am From, followed Wale, for a week, in Africa during his personal family visits and press run.

Wale chats with The Breakfast Club about the trip to Africa, his Complex magazine beef, fashion and more.

Check out 14 highlights from the interview listed below:

  1. Confirms that he's embraced his Nigerian culture a long time from now.
  2. Admits that his emotions are similar to Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmare's" song
  3. Wale loves his feature in Haper's Bazaar, he likes that he's been embraced by the "fashion world" on his own terms. This is a great feat for him 'because lots of ppl dressing funny' in order to be accepted.
  4. Wale says that J. Cole is a "jerk too," and 'he's more of jerk than me." The main difference is that J. Cole's "quiet about it."
  5. He says he'll never be a sweetheart to the media. In his own words, "I'm not going to be Janelle Monae. I'm not going to be the 'media's darling.'"
  6. He's not sure if his next album will have radio singles and it's not something he will chase after.
  7. Will save all of his rants for his interviews with The Breakfast Club
  8. Growing up was a challenge, he was in a detention center for grades 6-12th. His parents demanded that he'd get the house by 4pm after school.
  9. The relationship with his mother isn't the "greatest," but he "loves her to death."
  10. His first trip to Nigeria happened last year and it was an "emotional rollercoaster." Time management was the biggest struggle because he had to make time for family and business.
  11. In regards to always been seen as the "angry black rapper," Wale wants you to 'think of me the next time you want that raise.'
  12. Complex magazine won't hurt him anymore.
  13. Wale doesn't care "for the money," he loves the sport of rapping and that will always come first.
  14. Wale feels "fronted on" because he was not nominated for a Grammy when he has the most played urban record, "Bad" ft Tiara Thomas.